Binary Comodo No Repaint Indicator

Binary Comodo is very easy to use pointer indicator for binary options. The indicator is not repainted, not delayed and shows good results in trading currency pairs on binary options. It includes 3 technical indicators and trading systems based on them. Performs the entire analysis of signals and mathematical calculation of the probability of movement and shows us on the graph only the result of his calculations in the form of an arrow up or down.

Characteristics of Binary Comodo

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • Asset: Any currency pair
  • Trading Time: European and American sessions
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Expiry: 15 minutes
  • Recommended brokers

Rules of trade by Binary Comodo indicator

Trade using Binary Comodo is very simple:

Buy Put on the next candle after the red arrow directed downwards;
Buy Call on the next candle after the green arrow pointing upwards:

Thus the method of trade binary options on the basis of the indicator Binary Comodo will be particularly useful for beginners and of course will like more experienced traders. The indicator gives a lot of good signals, but there are also false. But the ratio is roughly 75% – accurate signals, 25% – false signals (statistics are not accurate). And considering that we have a indicator with a clear signal to trade binary options, you get the most convenient and profitable trading system on the M5 timeframe.

When trading always keep in mind the most important economic news. And please refrain from trading during the 30 minutes before and after the release of important news. This will save you from unwanted losses because technical analysis is not able to take into account economic factors.

Download Free Binary Options Comodo Indicator

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Below I would like you to check my honest review on Automated Binary Software available for FREE!

Automated Binary is a good news for generation of binary option traders looking for genuine automatic trading systems.The Automated Binary is not just a gambling platform, but a real trading robot that will yield results once you put it into action in your trading account. We were able to try this software earlier last month when it was launched, and when we put it into action, the trading app was nearly perfect auto trading software for you. It has all the features of a professional auto trading system as you can see when you visit the robot official website. So if you’d like to learn more about this binary options trading robot, just familiarize yourself with this super trading bot, its features, and how best to use the Automated Binary Options Robot.

Automated Binary Details:


  • Cost: Free
  • Type: 100% automated
  • Minimum Deposit: $250
  • User-Friendly Website
  • Available for US Client
  • Fully Customizable
  • Up to 85% ITM


You Must Open Account with their Recommended Brokers

Is Automated Binary A Scam?

If you have been a victim of scam services before, this is the time to rejoice because finally there is a software that you can trust and which can consistently make you profits. We have taken the time to investigate the features of this system, as well as the pros and cons, and have made recommendations based on these results. Automated Binary has an impressive and well-designed website, which to us is a clear indication of a reliable system. Once you get a more in-depth look at the website and have traded with this software, you can ascertain for yourself the reasons while this software is far superior than any other system.

Good Website Design.

This is my number one signal. if you take a very close look at the website of Automated Binary you will realize that it was never made in a hurry. Though the software have not been in the binary industry for a long time but the website looks very professional. Also the website of Automated Binary is as stylish as websites of large companies, and was really made with honest goals in mind. Watch out, in the other hand Scammers do not bother to spend time or money to make decent web pages. Usually, they see an opportunity to make fast money and immediately take full advantage of it. In particular, I recommend paying attention to potential image manipulations. Some unnamed scammers are using photo-shopped celebrity images on their webpages.

Information about Robot Features.

Now if you visit the website of Automated Binary software, you will find out that the information on how the robot works is clearly stated to enable the user to have a glimpse on how the robot works and the best way to manipulate the Automated Binary for maximum profitability

No fake Results and Promises.

The Automated Binary Robot does not promise an income of more than $1,000 per day for a new user. Any system that claims such result is very likely to be a scam. None of the fully automated binary robots is able to guarantee such a result at this time. However with the Automated Binary new user can make few thousand dollars of monthly income.

The Automated Binary is synced with only reputable Broker.

Reputable binary options brokers use a financial meter such as Reuters to follow short-term moves in stocks, commodities, currencies and market indexes. Binary options brokers use a software that gives traders the ability to make various binary options trades on their website. It is wise to use a licensed and regulated binary options broker. The primary regulator is located in Cyprus under the name of CySEC. Recently The Automated Binary updated there broker list making it up to 14 trusted brokers which the investor can trade with without stress. Well Known Brokers like Opteck, Stockpair, 24option, Tropical Trade, BinaryTilt and other reputable brokers that accept US traders are linked with the Automated Binary.

Contact Information and Well Written About US Page.

Fraudsters do not have any interest in helping when problematic situations occur, so it is likely that they do not even bother to put contact information on the website. Even if there are any, they are most likely fake. However, that is not the case with the Automated Binary. We were able to access contact formation and get answers to our questions from website.

Automated Binary Demo Account.

A good demo account is very important if a trader wants to make profit binary option trading. Before you begin using your hard-earned money on the Automated Binary trading system, you can find the best settings for your needs by using the $50,000 demo account. We suggest you try the various settings and find where you feel the most comfortable.

Multiple Currency Pairs.

Some scam robots only trade with one trading asset, or even worse, it makes no real trading at all. A wider variety of trading assets also means more opportunities to earn money. if you open account with the Automated Binary, you will be provided with variety of currency pairs to trade at your own disposal for maximum profitability.

Since we started trading binary options we have seen different automated software and so far only found few including the Automated Binary that have been able to avoid all these fraudulent signals. And we must confess that the Automated Binary is the best automated binary option trading tool for the next generation because of its unique ways of making money from binary options. Next, I will carefully go through the most important features of this automated trading software, and tell you why it is far safe to invest with the Automated Binary

How Much Does The Automated Binary Cost?

Similar to most other trading systems, The Automated Binary Software is Free, However the trader has to open account with one of their recommended binary options brokers and make an initial minimum deposit of $250. This is the case with most binary options trading systems. Keep in mind that this initial deposit can be used to place trades.


How Does The Automated Binary Work?

The Automated Binary auto trading software is designed to collect the most accurate and up-to-date trading data and generates trading signals based on that information and trade the signals in complete autopilot for the trade.

Automated Binary Algorithm

  • TREND indicator: Trend indicators in binary options trading work on a moving average scale. The indicator finds an average price trend for the particular asset, and if the current price is above that average, the asset is in an up-trend. If the price is below the average, the asset is in a down-trend.
  • CCI indicator: CCI stands for Commodity Channel Index. This indicator had shown great success with commodity trading and binary options traders have discovered it also works quite well with various other assets too. The CCI Indicator compares current trading prices with the moving average. The Indicator is great at predicting overbought and oversold assets and predicting a reversal.
  • RSI indicator: It is known as the Relative Strength Index, and is a very popular indicator used by binary options traders. The RSI Indicator basically measures the momentum of an asset by measuring speed and change of prices. On a scale of 1 to 100, the RSI Indicator deems an asset overbought when it is at 70 or above, and oversold when it is at 30 or below.
  • WILLIAMS indicator: The Williams Indicator was developed to look back over a time period and determine the relative highs. It is a momentum indicator that allows traders to research the readings and when they show levels of 0 to -20, the asset is considered overbought. When the levels show readings of -80 to -100, the asset is considered oversold. Traders can use these readings to predict abrupt changes in the market.
  • STOCH indicator: The Stochastic Oscillator was developed in the 1950’s and has been recognized as a successful measure of asset momentum. The STOCH Indicator is essentially a mirror image of the Williams Indicator. While the Williams Indicator uses momentum on reflective highs, the STOCH Indicator reflects lows using a momentum scale. Generally, both indicators show similar results using opposite sides. Many professionals use them together to wipe out false signals.
  • MACD indicator: MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. This sophisticated indicator utilizes a set of 2 moving averages; the 26 day exponential moving average is subtracted from the 12 day exponential moving average. The system then lays a 9 day exponential moving average on top of this procedure which works as the trigger for buy or sell signals.

Automated Binary Money Management Systems

The Automated Binary is unique from other platforms in that it provides the trader with carefully selected indicators and money management systems less risky compared to other autotrading systems. All you have to do is carefully mix and match this indicators and trading system or use this recommended settings for maximum profitability, then  you are ready to start making extra income while you sleep or go about other daily business. If you are an inexperienced trader, Automated Binary is the right autotrader for you to make profit as you are not required to have  a deep knowledge about or experience about binary options trade. The Automated Binary software makes its trading decisions based on current and profitable trading situations. Moreover, Those who have previous experience and in-depth knowledge are more likely to have a higher success rate with the Automated Binary.

How To Get Started With Automated Binary

  1. Create an Account: Create a free trading account at the Automated Binary website, sign up with one of their recommended brokers, fund your account and start trading within 3minutes!
  2. Start Trading: Once you have created an account, the Automated Binary will start to generate signals. You can either start with demo trading or set the system to auto and allow it to trade live on your behalf.
  3. Withdraw Your Profits: Once you start to see profits, you may fill out a withdrawal request. You are required to transfer the funds within one business day. Other specifics are dependent upon your specific broker.


After much research and our trial of this system, we can safely recommend Automated Binary as a trustworthy trading system.
We have had a positive experience with this automated trading platform. Their customer service department is very knowledge, polite and extremely helpful. This system is recommended for both novice and experienced traders.