You probably do not know him; I mean, who has and maintains contact with a former shoe seller? But that was then. Now, Dan Ramsey is a millionaire, with real estate investments in 16 countries, across four continents. Today, Dan literally lives his life on the go, from hotel to hotel, beach to beach. He is no playboy, just moving around, taking care of his business interests and enjoying life to its fullest. While Dan enjoys the freedom of being able to go wherever, whenever, and probably with whomever he wants, it was not always this way for this former shoe seller. Making over $60,000 a month using automated trading systems, Dan is now able to live the life of his dreams. Here is how it all started:

Dan Ramsey’s Pre-Trading Life

“To be quite honest, I was simply a common working-class loser; trapped in a job I hated, wasting away on drugs and generally disappointed in everything around me, I felt I was just a spectator in this life. But that was until I heard and started trading the financial markets online.”

Dan heard about online financial trading while selling an expensive shoe to, in his own words, an arrogant and stubborn customer. The customer ranted about the thousands of dollars he had made that day and how he ‘could afford to pay the store owner to fire’ Dan who was unable to find a shoe that matched his status. “To be honest, he was an unlikeable person, but at least because of him, I was able to, for the first time, hear about online financial trading,” Dan quips.

For the next 3 months, Dan spent a lot of time researching about online trading and even opened a demo account, where he could trade in simulation without risking any real money. Previously, in his free time, Dan would seek overtime opportunities, but he now had a new obsession – he wanted to learn everything about the online financial markets and to start earning enough money to change his life forever.

How Dan Ramsey Got Started in Online Trading

After 3 months of intense of research and demo trading, Dan decided it was time to make the transition into live trading. He started out with a deposit of $250, and on his first day, he made $450. “I was just amazed. I had just worked (traded) for just 3 hours and made my fortnightly wage. I knew straight away that this was the ticket to my dreams,” Dan recalls.

But it was not that easy. Dan’s trading activity was very inconsistent but despite this, he ended the month with a $1,500 profit. “I had developed a very solid strategy that was very effective and had high probability. The problem was that I was my own enemy. The desire to make money all the time made me over trade, and this was taking a toll on my mental state. Over time, emotions completely hindered the efficiency of my trading strategy. Whether I was at home alone, with my family, or even at work, I could not resist the urge to place a trade and book my next profit.”

It was this assessment and self-realization that allowed Dan to become who he is now. In one of his discussions on an online trading forum, Dan was introduced to the concept of automated trading. He instantly fell in love with the idea and later partnered with a financial technology firm, recommended to him by his broker, to have his trading strategy coded.

How Dan Realized Trading Success Using Trading Signals System

Signals Trading is the use of computer software (trading signals system) to automatically place trades in your online trading account. Using trading signals system, traders can place trades in the markets 24/7. Trading signals system are essentially a coded strategy. They represent the perfect application of a trading system, devoid of any subjective human interference. For Dan, this was like hitting a jackpot. He had a strategy he was confident in, but his emotions were always getting in the way. This would never happen again. While Dan might have had the urge to trade the markets all the time, with a trading signals system, trades would be placed only once his set criteria were met, even while he was asleep!

In his first month using trading signals system, Dan made about $55,000 and the rest is history.

“I am a changed man. trading signals system, single-handedly made me a millionaire. I am now able to pursue my dreams by literally doing nothing. I hope more people could realize the opportunity online trading offers, because I am proof that anyone can be rich trading financial assets online.”

Can You Also Be as Successful as Dan Is?

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